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    Editing a post, I added 2 pictures and pressed save. It takes me back to the post listing page (which I think is incorrect behavior btw - more on this in a minute). When I go back to edit that post, my pictures aren't saved. They should be saved, right?

    As for the save behavior, here's my issue. I'm a compulsive saver. I've lost too much content (especially in this beta test) to risk a crash before I save. When I click save, I expect it to save my work up to that point and then let me continue editing, much like it does in the WordPress web app. Maybe there's a reason that it has to behave that way.

    Sorry, I have an update to the previous post I made. The images I posted aren't in the Photos area of the edit post interface, but they do show up in the preview of the post. Unfortunately this means that I when I added the photos again because I thought they were missing, I now have two sets of the same image attached to the post with no way to delete them.

    I also have a question about the preview feature. I've added a couple of different blogs to the app, but it seems like none of my themes can be retrieved by the app. Personally I think I prefer not seeing my theme cluttering up the tiny screen and be able to focus on the content that I've written. I doubt that any theme (besides an iPhone specific theme) would look decent in this sort of view at all.

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