Drafts get deleted!

  1. I created a new post on my local.
    Entered a few lines and clicked on cancel and then clicked on 'Save draft'.
    I opened the draft again to make modifications to it.
    The interface has two options, either publish or cancel.
    I hit cancel, expecting the draft to be saved again.
    Instead the draft got deleted! No way to retrieve my changes!

    This is really irritating for a person trying to compose posts on the ipad. Please resolve this bug to make the app more usable for bloggers like myself.


    I am using iPad2 with an up-to-date iOs.

  2. Hi, when you tap Cancel on an existing draft you should see 3 options:
    * Discard
    * Update draft
    * Keep editing

    Did you get this screen?

  3. Hi
    I don't see the three options when I reopen a locally saved draft (one that has not yet been uploaded to wordpress).

    Also, I see the screen with the options when I am saving the draft for the first time. It is only on reopening and clicking on Cancel thatnI am facing the forementioned issue.

    Hope that helps.


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