Drafts don't update date with publish immediately

  1. I save up a lot of drafts and publish them at a metered schedule. For the past several posts, when I go to publish I change the date with the "publish immediately" button. But once it uploads it keeps it's original draft date. It used not do that. It seems like it started with the last update. I'm using the ipad app.

  2. There were a few date related bugs that we recently fixed, and one of them might be the cause of the behavior you're seeing. We'll be sending the update to Apple soon. Once the update is releasted, it would be great if you could let us know if the problem was fixed.

  3. Thanks Eric, will do. In the meantime I discovered that I can just change the date manually to the day I want to publish instead of using the button, but it would be nice to have the button fixed.

  4. Eric. Unfortunately with the update the problem is worse. Changing the date to immediately still publishes to the original draft date, and now I can't change the date manually. It sticks on immediately and publishes with the original draft date. Hope you can get this fixed, otherwise the app is pretty much useless for me now.

  5. This was our bad. We did implement a fix but it some how didn't make it into the version we sent to Apple. :( We're rushing to submit a version 4.0.2 that does include the fix to Apple, and hopefully it won't take too long from them to approve it.

    Sorry Ray.

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