Drafts do not appear on iOS app??!!

  1. Jordan_Wordpress
    Jun 4, 2015, 9:41 AM

    I am busy trying to figure out why drafts do not show on the Wordpress iOS app? At first I noticed it when a client phoned in saying they could not view a draft they had saved on their desktop in iOS app. I went and took a look and noticed that even when you save a draft in the app it disappears after you refresh or reenter the posts tab and is no longer visible? How can this be? Must be a huge bug that needs to be fixed as I am sure this never used to be the case with the iOS app.

    Any one got any ideas as to what the problem could be?

  2. Hi Jordan.

    If the blog was saving the draft with a custom status, or a custom post type, then that might account for why its not showing up in the app. The app is designed to handle default post statuses, only the "post" and "page" post types. This is due, in part, to limitations with the XML-RPC API the app uses to communicate with self-hosted blogs.

    Does this sound like what your client is experiencing?

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