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  1. You need to implement some sort of way to revise saved drafts on the device. I lost a few hours of work yesterday because I went to edit a few posts in my car (without internet connection). When I arrived at a place with internet, I refreshed the app to send the changes to the WP servers. However, it didn't show the changes I made when I logged into the dashboard. Moreover, when I clicked Edit in the dashboard for each post, it showed the original (empty) post, and then everything I wrote on the iOS app disappeared and left only the empty post.

    I checked the revisions history in the web dashboard, but there was no sign of all that I had written, so I had to write everything all over again.

  2. I just lost several hours of work by loading a draft originally created on my site and editing it while on a plane. When we landed and my iPad came out of airplane mode, the draft failed to update and my edits were lost.

    Is there some log file or something with any part of my draft someplace on my iPad? This was a substantial amount of work.

  3. lycanthrosexual
    Jan 16, 2013, 2:20 AM

    I was also wondering if this has been implemented even though this post was originally made a year or so ago. I find myself using the Blogpress app or even Pages for iOS in place of the Wordpress app unless I am working in a place with an active internet connection.

  4. Losing posts sucks, and I can understand that you are upset about this issue.

    There is a ticket on iOS Trac about this problem: and the developers are currently working on it.

    A fix will be available soon.

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