Double Images

  1. iOS 3.1.3
    WP app 2.6.2

    When I add a photo to a post, it ends up getting added to the post twice, once on top of the other.
    Generally I add a photo "below" existing content and use the "large" 640x480 size.

    I constantly have to manually go into the HTML in the body of the post and delete the extra images.

  2. We've fixed this in the next release of the app!

  3. You mean v2.6.4?
    I just got an iPhone 4. And DL 2.6.4 and now when I import a photo from my library on the phone, I see the correct thumbnail, but wen I select it, the screen is full black (no image). When I embed it and push the article to post, the photo is there on the web.

    When I tried a second article with 4 images, I got three copies of an image from another post, and the final image was one I actually put into the article. When I went to work on my blog from a computer, and looked in my media library, there were a half dozen uploads of unattached images, mostly the same one, but a few others sprinkled in here and there. I manually deleted all of them.

    But along with all the images I didn't want, it turns out the iPhone app also uploaded the images I did want, but just didn't use them in the article (how THAT occurs I don't even want to try to figure out) so I created a new post on the computer with the images iPhone pushed to the server correctly, and then published it from the computer.

    But isn't the whole point of the iPhone app that we DON'T need a computer?

    The reviews of the current iPhone app are generally bad to horrendous. The older version I had on my iPhone 2G worked better than the new version and this specifically shows how the current system of application distribution (the user experience) sucks. There ought to be a way to have multiple versions available for those who can't get the latest and greatest working right (or at all). But that would be confusing to new users so Apple won't allow it. And there's no sideloading of apps so end users are screwed if they update to a bad version because there's no way to go back.

    Oh and how about a feature like an "about" page in the app where we can quickly find out what version we have. Ugh!

  4. As of now, I've given up using the WordPress app.

    I know I have to sit in front of a computer and download my images to the computer and then push them to WP and then author in a browser and post from there.

    And that's EASIER than using the iPhoen app, especially cause it works, reliably, the first time.

  5. Thanks for all your feedback! I hope we can make the app be everything you want it to be in the future.

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