disable flipping the view 180 degree

  1. Hi Raanan,

    after received and replied your email, probably it's best to post here as well

    it's when you're lying sideways on bed and want to write a post (as I did yesterday), the view keeps following the iphone position even in upside down. You know like safari, you put it in landscape mode and rotate the iphone until it's upside down it stays landscape, I'm not sure if I explain it right, but hopefully you get what I meant.

    and thanks for making this app for iphone, it's really great

  2. seconded, if there isn't a way to lock the orientation like how kindle-app does it, "upside-down portrait" orientation should be locked out like the 3.0 apple apps do it, or you can't use the phone in certain positions

  3. We've already got a ticket for this in trac.

    It bugs me too!

  4. Yes please! this is especially useful while writing on the bed before sleeping.
    Thanks for the great app.

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