Day Stats bugs in iOS app

  1. Hi,

    I’ve noticed the following two problems consistently within the Wordpress iOS app and how to replicate them:

    Issue 1: Day view doesn’t show today’s date in graph view.

    How to replicate: Open the iOS app and go to stats > Day. Minimise (but not completely quit) app. When date changes to the next day the graph will still show you’re on the “latest day” but where the upper section of the app shows the date and < and > navigation arrows, you can manually move onto a newer date. Which brings me to issue 2.

    Issue 2: Day stats show 0 incorrectly until toggling view.
    Combined with issue 1, when manually tapping into the latest date, it will show incorrectly 0 views despite having views.

    Workaround: If you then browse to a different stats view such as years and then back, they work as expected.

    Resolution: Ideally a check that the latest date in the graph = current date, if the date is older, force a graph refresh.

  2. Hi there!

    Issues with site stats are usually related to a problem with the Jetpack connection.

    Would you please disconnect and then reconnect Jetpack? You can follow these instructions to do that:

    1. Go to the **Jetpack** menu in your WP-Admin dashboard
    2. Scroll down to find the *Connections* area.
    3. Click *Manage site connection*.
    4. Click **Disconnect** and follow the prompts to complete the disconnection process.
    5. Click **Set Up Jetpack** button to connect your site to again.

    This handy guide explains the full process in more detail:

  3. Hi Rosie,

    My website is hosted with so I don’t have access to those settings I believe, but I also don’t believe that what you’ve described is my problem.

    The website statistics are always up to date, it’s the iOS app presenting the stale information and I believe I can reproduce the bug.

    It seems to come down to whether or not iOS allows the app to remain suspended or closes it.

    If I checked my daily webpage stats in the evening, say just before bed, for example on the 1st October, I will see these stats fine, if I then don’t open any other apps until the morning and then proceed to open the Wordpress iOS app again, it will remain on the daily stats page view. The graph will show it is highlighting the bar chart’s latest value, but the date on that will still be the 1st October, not the 2nd. I’ll have the option to still use the < and > arrows at the top to scroll ahead to the 2nd October, but that will show zero views, even if I have already received views for the day. This will not change unless I either back out of the stats section completely and re-enter it or close and reopen the app, at which point it will update the graph to reflect the 2nd being an entry on there and actually present the stats for the new day on the graph.

    But 100% if I check this via the website the stats are always up to date, it seems the iOS app isn’t aware that the date could possibly change in-between suspend sessions and isn’t handling the date change properly.

  4. Hi there!

    Thanks for the clarification. In this case, could you please contact us from the App (you can tap on your profile icon - Help and Support - Contact support) and send the info you just mentioned above?

    This way we would have access to the app logs and it will be easier to investigate further what is going on.

  5. Thanks! Have logged this :)

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