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  1. Okay, not sure if this is a bug or intended behavior, but I notice that when I save a draft, it takes the current date and time. But, when I leave that blog and go to another app or another blog, the date on the draft gets changed to December 31, 1969 12:00pm. I'm not sure if that's meant to sort drafts to a particular place in the list of posts, or a bug.
    Personally, I'd rather the draft kept the date and time of the save point.

  2. This might be related to an issue with XMLRPC that was fixed recently.

    Which version of WordPress are you running ?

  3. @RyuMaou
    What other app are you using that does this? The issue that Raanan referred to is that internally WP doesn't track the post time for drafts. I made some changes to XML-RPC that determined the correct post date for drafts based on other data associated with the post. Can you describe the exact steps for recreating this and I'll see if I can reproduce this.

  4. Sorry, didn't see the responses until just now.

    I'm using 2.8.4
    The issue seems to be when I save on the blog, not locally. Just a minute ago, I saved a post locally and it had the right date and time. Then I queued it up on my blog to roll live in the morning and that worked okay, too. So, it may have been some other issue, like the XMLPRC was cached funky or something.
    Just FYI, I had some other issue when I rebooted my iPhone and a bunch of the icons got scrambled. I ended up having to delete and resync to correct it. When I did that, I had to reinstall the WordPress beta app as it was one that was effected. After that reinstall, it seemed to be functioning as expected.

    So far, I don't really see any problems. And, I have to say, the new versions rocks.
    It's taken me a little time to get used to the menus and how the app goes back a screen, but other than that, it's been great. Also, as I mention in my blog post, the little keyboard makes it hard to be too wordy for me, which is actually probably a good thing.
    Great job so far, guys. Really.

  5. Okay, so I went back to try and recreate this problem.
    It only occurrs when I open a draft I started via the web adn try to edit. When I save the draft, it flashes for a second with today's date then goes to December 31, 1969 12:00am. Possible problem interacting with the XMLRPC?

    Anyway, that's what I did and what it did, if you're interested in recreating the "error".

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