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  1. We use several custom post types in our blog. Though we can't access them from this app, nor can we creat new ones.

  2. Hi Matt,

    I'm afraid custom post types are not currently supported due to API limitations. Its an often requested feature that we'd like to consider once the API shortcomings have been addressed.

  3. All of my 25+ Wordpress sites have been built with custom post types. Using just posts is not feasible for anything but simple blogs. My clients are now wanting to edit their content via smart phones and they can't change or add new content as CPT are excluded from the App. You must be missing a lot of wordpress users by excluding them!

    Is this going to be added soon?

    PS. adding tags below wipes out this text fields contents

  4. Hi jynk,

    Is this going to be added soon?

    Sorry. We don't have plans to add support for CPTs until we have better support for them in the API and we currently don't have a good idea of when that will be.

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