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  1. Hi,

    I have looked around the forum to see if I could find any indication when custom post types would be available in the app but I am unable to find a solid answer for this. This question has been asked on and off for a couple of years on the forums :(

    Can anybody tell me when custom post types will be supported in the official app please?

    As a web dev I use custom post types to create easy to use, highly customised websites specific for my client needs. I am sure that this is standard practice across the board and therefore a huge number of websites are potentially built and rely on using custom post types.

    At the moment the official app is completely useless for updating these types of wp sites as only posts and pages are supported. This seems to be a massive oversight in the implementation of the official app.

    Hoping for some good news .... thanks

  2. Hi WeePixel

    I wish I had some good news for you but, there are no plans to support custom post types, at least not in the near future.

  3. Why?

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