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  1. I think this is a very big issue with the current app and a larger website.. I usually try to separate different kinds of posts as Custom post types (cpt) to make it easier for the client, make it more semantic and many more reasons.. There's so much that doesnt work properly visiting the regular admin on an iphone and even with a custom made admin theme there's the big issue that it simply doesn't work to upload images using the lightbox media uploader. Yes I am aware that IOS6 supports this now but thats not the issue. The issue is that the lightbox doesnt fit and since its a lightbox there's no scrolling in it so all the content is badly cut off!

    I wont say I have any idea of how to develop this app and how difficult it is but I would GREATLY appreciate a support for this.. I'm guessing that the issue is that you're not running any of the usual code from functions.php and/or plugins that add stuff to the admin.. ?

    Anyway, A big + for this feature on my behalf!

  2. Custom post types support is a much requested feature but very complex to implement (and do well). For now we have to focus on other enhancements in the apps that would be more beneficial to everyone. CPT support is coming, it's just not on the road map right this second.

    It's a "patches welcome" kind of situation :)

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