Cursor jumps to end of post when editing earlier text

  1. I just installed the Wordpress app on iPhone 3GS with iOS4.3.3.

    The editor is almost unusable. When I go to write a post or edit an existing post, I can only add text to the END of the post. If I place the cursor anywhere earlier in the post, say to correct a word somewhere, I can type only one character and then the cursor jumps to the very end of the post.

    I haven't found this bug listed anywhere else - surely I can't be the only one having this problem?

  2. Hi I too have just updated and I am experiencing this problem along with a few other!!! Not very happy

  3. I too am having the same issue. Had to download another app Blogsy to finish my post. I am using an ipad 2 . I am new to wordpress and been using the pc. Tonight was the first chance I had to try the ipad app out. However I did notice that a new update for the app was installed before I used the app. Maybe the update has a bug.


  4. Yes, it appears to be a bug. I was able to reproduce. We'll get a fix submitted ASAP. Thanks for letting us know folks!

  5. Among other errors:
    Spell check doesn't work
    You can't insert a link
    Auto period doesn't work
    And, as mentioned, it jumps to the end.

    An updated to fix these would be much appreciated. Without, the app is very difficult to use.

  6. Yup, all that is fixed in our hotfix that we're submitting today. Thanks for your patience! We've added an editor check to our test plan so we'll catch issues like this in the future.

  7. One more problem:

    The image size for uploaded pictures has changed. The small size use to be 359x240 and now it has changed to 269x181, which looks very different. I could enter the old size via "custom" but this is a huge headache as I'm uploading 30-40 pictures / day. Moreover, medium appears to have remained the same size. So, in short, small is too small and medium is too big.

    If you could please address this is in the next update it would be much appreciated. Thank you.

  8. Hey all, the 2.8.2 update was approved by apple that fixes the editor issues, look for it in the app store!

  9. Thank you for fixing those bugs!

    As mentioned previously, the picture sizes are still way off. The "small" is much smaller than it use to be. The only way around this is to enter image sizes manually via the custom option but this is very tedious.

    Also, a new problem with the 2.8.2 update: it appears that I can no longer save a draft that I'm working on. The first time I hit cancel, I will be prompted to save or discard the draft as usual. The next time I open and edit, however, I am not given the option - pressing cancel simply erases any work. I've already learned this the hard way once!

    If you could look at these issues it would be appreciated. Thank you.

  10. You're welcome!

    I'm not sure what's going on with the small image size, it doesn't look like we've changed any of that code lately.

    For the draft not saving, which device are you using and can you provide some exact steps to reproduce the issue? I can bring up a draft on my iPhone 4, type something in the content box then hit cancel and it prompts me to save it.

  11. The image sizes have definitely changed. A small image use to be 359x240 and now it's 269x181. This was changed in the earlier update (2.8.0?)

    As for the draft not saving, it's on the second attempt. I'm using an iPad (the older one). Type something into the context box, hit cancel and then save. Then do that again and you'll see that you don't have the option to save again, it just erases any subsequent changes. This is a new error from this last update.

  12. Great to hear the devs talking in here, thanks mrroundhill! The dictionary autocorrection is also disabled.

  13. @gschult1 - I've been able to recreate the saving issue on the iPad. One thing you can do as a workaround is to make sure to dismiss the keyboard before you tap 'Cancel'. That way the app will still prompt you to save your changes.

    We'll work on a fix for the next release. I've created a ticket:

  14. @electrolund - did you get version 2.8.2?

  15. Yes. Dismissing the keyboard works. Thank you! Just take a look at the image size issue. I posted something about it here and in another thread. For my purposes, that has been the most annoying bug with the new update. I appreciate the help. Thanks again.

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