Crashes after update

  1. I just updated the app on 6-2-14. The app crashes on opening every time. I have uninstalled the app, restarted my phone, and reinstalled with no luck.

  2. Same hère with l'astrologie iodate 20 mn ago

  3. Grrr word inv. correction :

    -->>>. Same here with the last update 20 mn ago.

  4. Same here! Tried everything and still doesn't work! Urgh...

  5. @edunger its interesting that the problem persists after deleting and reinstalling the app.

    Are there any more details that you can share?

    Is there an error message that appears before the app closes? If so what does it say?

    Are any of you able to retrieve the device logs? If so it would be helpful if we could review them. This article might help find the logs:

  6. I have the same issue. Have restarted device, reinstalled etc but it behaves in the same way every time - send/don't send crash message pops up and the app closes before a choice can be made - ironically.

  7. Have retrieved the logs - where can I email them?

  8. Same here. The app will just open for a few seconds and then crash.

    iPhone 4 with iOS 7.1.1

  9. *waiting patiently*

  10. Having the same problem :(

  11. For self-hosted users, we're still investigating.

    For users, there is something you might try. In a web browser, visit, sign in, and check the Blogs I Follow feature. If you're not following any blogs, try following one, even if its your own and then see if you're able to launch the app.

  12. Éric,

    Imy web site is hostie by and i hâve crurently à site follower (mine). But the app still crashes.

  13. sealevelmama71
    Jun 4, 2014, 11:29 PM

    Same issue here. App is useless due to immediate crash upon launch. Deleted reloaded no change.

  14. sealevelmama71
    Jun 4, 2014, 11:40 PM

    Eric I followed your suggestion to add a blog I follow and it worked...thanks.

  15. We're submitting a new version to Apple with a fix for what I believe is the crash most of you are seeing. We'll release the update as soon as we get approval from Apple.
    Thank you, everyone, for the bug reports, and for your patience!

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