Connection Has Been Broken Error

  1. I'm currently running the most recent version of the Wordpress for iOS app on my iPad Air and when I try to refresh my posts written (so it shows the most recent posts in the admin interface) I get the following error:

    (can't upload images to the forum for some reason)

    It's not allowing me to post new entries or anything. I am running multiple hosted blogs, as well as two self-hosted ones and I don't want to reinstall the app in case it makes me log back into/set up those blogs within the app all over again.

    I'm using public wifi at the moment (at Tim Hortons) and my blog itself is not blocked when I go to it via Safari/Chrome.

  2. The easiest way to fix that error message is to sign out of the app, and then sign back in. Here are the steps:

    1. Tap on the "Me" tab.
    2. If necessary, tap the back button until you reach your list of blogs.
    3 Tap the settings button.
    4 Tap sign out.
    5 Enter your credentials to sign back in.

  3. Eric, I have been having the same problem on my iPhone. When I try to draft a post and save it, I can the disconnect/try reconnecting error. I followed your suggestions above - logging out and logging back in - but still get the same message. What else can I do?

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