Communication Error

  1. I get communication error. (no internet connection, even though i have both 3G and the LAN cable connected.

    Anyone experienced the same problem?


  2. Are you able to access all other sites?
    Is your blog at ?

    Is there an error code?

  3. Yes, i can access other sites. Not cashed, (Not sure what you meen by all though)
    No, its on my own server. (But i it seems that i cant reach the net at all from the app.)
    No, only...

    "Communication Error.
    no internet connection"


  4. Instead of a connection error, I get an error message that says that the rpc-xml service cant be found, and that i should check my networkconnection. and if the problem persists, i must report this to

  5. Same here. 'no internet connection'. Have reported to App Store

  6. I keep getting "Communication Error Parse Error. Please check input values. Does anyone know what that means? I'm assuming it thinks it's not the right Web address/user name or password, which are all correct.

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