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  1. I have a few suggestions to make moderating comments much more streamlined. I have a blog that gets tons of comments (last post done last night accumulated 250 pending when I woke up this morning) and being able to quickly moderate would be a great help.

    1) In the tableview when you allow multi editing, it would be helpful to see the entire comment in each row when you hit the edit button. This way we can see what we are actually approving.

    2) When going into each comment to view it and then selecting approve or disapprove, it would be helpful for it to just goto the next comment, like the mail app. This way it saves the extra step of choosing to go into the next comment to view it.

    Both of these could of course be preferences that could be turned on and off.

    Thanks for your time and your great app and for allowing me to rant on about features which (as a developer myself) I know aren't the easiest to implement.

  2. Matt (Thomas) Miklic
    Oct 13, 2009, 8:44 PM

    Thanks for the feedback. I think both of these are great ideas. I'll share them with the rest of the team when we talk about UI for the next version.

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