Comment metadata lost partially after editing comment with iOS App

  1. Don't know if this is the right place to report a bug, but today, for the 5th time this year, I experienced an issue with comments and I have finally figured out the trigger for leading to this issue. It is when I edit my own comment on my own site using the WordPress iOS App on my iPhone SE with up to date iOS. When I do that, one of two database tables are altered:


    The issue is that all comments are no longer displayed from my site except for new comments that occur after the issue occurs. Yet they are still in the database. What happens is that the comments are no longer associated with specific posts. The comment text is still in the database but when I look in the dashboard, I can see that the field which shows the post each comment is associated with is blank. Because that field is blank, the posts don't display any comments.

    I know for sure one of these two tables is changing because the "fix" for me is to revert to a prior version of the comments database. This will mean I lose all comments subsequent to when the issue occurred, because I have to back up to before that time.

    It's possible that a plugin interaction is causing this. I do have a plugin called:

    Tako Movable Comments

    So far as I know, the bug only occurs when I modify a comment on iOS App, not when I use the Dashboard on Chrome with a Windows 7 system.

    If this is not reproducible, I'm happy to provide more information.

    My suggestion for trying to reproduce the bug is to have several comments added to a test site using a browser on a PC. Then edit one comment with the iOS app. See if the comments still appear on the site, or they become dissociated with posts as I'm experiencing.

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