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  1. iPhone,Wordpress and Wordpress for iPhone are the latest versions.

    My blog TinaRawatta has a fixed image size of 800px wide.
    The images are included in this size without linking to a bigger one.
    Is it possible to set Wordpress for iPhone to fit the pictures I upload to that wide and the relating hight automaticaly and only include this sized picture without linking to the original size file?
    Thank in advance for your help.

  2. Hi Rawatta,

    There isn't a setting like that in the application at this point although it's an interesting feature possibility.

  3. I'd like to add my vote in favor of including this type of feature.

    In my case, I have at least one site now that can benefit from a user configurable image width (vs. naturally proportional height), and I'm sure I'll have more sites with this need soon.

    My current site would need the image width to be 466px. Whether this is achieved through WordPress media settings or something on the iPhone, makes no difference to me.


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