Changes from App makes PC editor buggy

  1. Hi, I created my website from my PC.
    LAst night I made some changes via the app (from bed, you know how it is).
    Now that I'm back on PC, the editor is only showing blocks (no texts, no images, links, nothing but options to add new blocks).
    However, my website's live content is intact.
    So I'd like to continue making changes from PC, but I can't because the editor is not working properly.
    Can you please help?

  2. Hi there!

    Thanks for reaching out and providing the link to your site.

    I only see one post on your site at the moment and it is in draft mode? Were your changes done via the app published or did you only save them as a draft?

    If you check the post on the app, does it have any mention of 'local changes' or 'unsaved changes'?

    It would help if you could reach out to us directly from the app by going to My Sites > Me (the icon of the person inside a circle in the top right corner) > Help & Support. Send us a screenshot of what you see in the app versus what you see in the browser and we'll be able to go from here.

    Thank you!

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