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  1. I have a small blog layout and i need a picturesize with weight 328 px. when i post a blog the size is always 300 px. is it possible to change the foto weight or do you know an app for the iphone where i can exactly change the size?

    Greetings from Germany


  2. @skaiwalker --

    The latest version 1.21 of the app allows you to upload images in their original size or specify that they be no larger than 640x480.

    If you are seeing max images at 300px you may want to check your web admin Settings->Media to see if you have something in there preventing images from being any larger than 300px.

  3. Looking at the latest code in SVN, line 598 of BlogDataManager.m is:

    float kMaxResolution = 300.0f; // Or whatever

    This fixes the size of the image in the link inserted into the post irrespective of any settings in Wordpress.


  4. Where would I find BlogDataManager.m?

    It really does seem to be something that only happens when I upload from the iPhone--not from within wordpress itself. The image has width and height tags attached to it that always have a max dimension of 300. I know I can edit it out of the post after I publish it, ad then update, but it seems like there should be a way to set things up so that this doesn't happen.


  5. I'm not codeweaver, but whenever I post a photo for Wordpress for iPhone is automatically sized to be 300px. I can change it in the html, but that's a bit of a nuisance.

    And my settings in Wordpress are set for a max size of 500px, so my Wordpress settings are not the issue.

  6. Has there been any more work or discussion on this (perhaps away from this thread)?

    I have a site that begs an image width of 466 px (vs. naturally proportional height). I have set the WordPress media settings to 466 x 466 pixels.

    I've tested (before finding the above thread, of course) image postings with the above media settings (466 x 466) for the "Medium" size, for the "Large" size, and for both sizes. I also tested under all these conditions with image resizing set to ON and OFF (on the iPhone WordPress app).

    In all cases, the image on the post was always 300 x 225 or 225 x 300.

    Any new/additional info on this would be very much appreciated.


  7. like VirtualGilad, i do not use the max dimension of 300 pixels for images on my blog.

    are there any plans to address this issue? everything i try to post is shrunk down via html code, which i have to edit to get the photo to display at its proper size.

  8. It seems the size (only in html height and width tag) and the link to the original are hardcoded in the app. I don't really understand why. Couldn't the app default to one of the sizes used in the media-settings of the blog?

  9. ditto ditto ditto. Anyone have an answer for this yet?

  10. same problem here!
    it just sizes the photo around 300 pixels.
    another problem is that photos postet with the app are linked to the original file (when klicking on the photo just the photo on a white background in its native resolution opens).
    are there any alternatives that can do this properly? i dont mind paying for it.

  11. I'm also having this problem.
    Photo upload size is fixed at 300px.

    How long until an update is available?

  12. I haven't seen this particular problem myself but I'm going to see if any of the app devs can reproduce it and figure out what's going on.

  13. Joseph,

    FWIW, here is an example of the code as it appears AFTER a photo has been uploaded via the WP iPhone app.

    <img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-364" src="" alt="" width="300" height="300" />

    Obviously, the image itself is not 300 px wide - the code is telling it to display that way.

  14. That is helpful to know. So it's not that the image itself is getting resized, but that the img tag specifying width and height of 300. I'm hoping that will help pin down the problem.

  15. ok this means that the imga can be posted wit the iphone and the displaysettings could be adjusted using the wordpress admin panel.
    not the most comfortabe way but better than nothing.

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