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  1. I could not work out how to refresh the category list. I added new categories via main site, but the app never picked them up.
    Thanks! Alan

  2. I'm having the same issue.

    The list of parent categories in the app does not update when new categories are added to the main site. Additionally, the app is unable to select one of these parent categories when creating new posts. When clicking on the Categories option on a new post, a blank page is displayed. Clicking on the + button on this page allows for the creation of a subcategory, which is reflected on the main site, but even the subcategory can not be selected as the category to use for the post.

    I've also noticed that none of the windows in the app appear to refresh, without actually clicking the refresh button. New posts and pages created on the site don't show up until a manual refresh is done. Not sure if that's intended.

    Using WP 2.7.1 self hosted

  3. Are the categories still missing after hitting the refresh button? I.E. add a category via the web interface, open the iPhone app, navigate to posts and hit refresh...

  4. Hi guys - had the same problem.

    I added Wordpress for iPhone app and it ran a sync with my server. Categories updates fine.

    I then removed a sub-category from the Website and this was not reflected on the iPhone.

    Solution: Remove blog from iPhone and reregister it - you have to do a full synch! Which is extremely annoying/cumbersome.


  5. There is a ticket in trac for this (, we're working on a solution.

  6. I've just fixed this.

    So in the next release when you refresh the list of posts the category list will also refresh.

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