Can't view Media Library (self hosted site)

  1. Trying to use app on iPhone to upload images to media library on my self-hosted Wordpress site, connected through Jetpack.

    It used to work fine, but now I consistently get an error that says "Media Library: There was a problem when trying to access your media. Please try again later. OK"

    If I hit OK to acknowledge the error, it lets me upload one image, but I can't see it, it only shows a blank JPG icon. If I then close the app and go back in, and try to go to media library, the app immediately crashes and I must re-open it on my phone. And now I can't upload anymore images.

    But the initial image DID make it to my media library. If I login to my website through my desktop computer, I can see the image in the media library.

    I did go in and debug, I can post the debug info, but I'm not sure it's safe to post here or if it contains something private and should be avoided? Any helps is appreciated so I can start using the app again. Thank you!

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