Can't type password into client

  1. I had to factory reset my iPhone, and when it came back none of my passwords did in spite of using iCloud syncing.

    When I first open the client I get a message about it not being able to connect to It is not clear if that means it cannot connect to the site or cannot log in - a clear message one way or the other here would be appreciated.

    When I open the client it asks me to provide my password, but when I type it in, the Next button never "lights up" so I can't actually complete the process.

    Above the password box is an area that looks like it should hold my username. It is blank, and not active so I can't type into it.

    So I can't use the iOS client, any suggestions?

  2. I have the same problem and my son has lost an article he wrote on his iPad. Anyone has a solution ?

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