Can't set-up Self-hosted on iPad

  1. Hi All,

    the Blog is at (latest WordPress version)

    I have installed the app on my iPad and clicked Add Self Hosted site.
    username and password are correct. gives: "403 Forbidden" - error gives: "Unable to find a Wordpress site at that url" - error gives: "403 Forbidden" - error.

    theme set to standard and all plug-ins disabled. makes no difference.
    The password started with a special character so I removed it so it is only alpha-numeric. makes no difference.

    Can anyone help me on how to set this up, because Safari on iPad is completely un-usable for Self hosted WordPress sites.

    I would greatly appreciate any help.

  2. Hi Alman3

    Great summary of the things you've already tried. Thanks!

    The app communicates with your site via your site's xmlrpc.php. If something is blocking access to that file, then the app won't be able to function for your site. The "403 Forbidden" error suggests that something on your site's web server is configured to prevent access to that file. When I visit in browser I see the same thing.

    If you manage the site directly, a couple of things you should check:
    - make sure that xmlrpc.php has the correct file permissions
    - make sure that server plugins (e.g. mod_security) are correctly configured

    Otherwise you might contact your web host to see if they are intentionally blocking access to xmlrpc.php. If so you might find this FAQ helpful:


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