Can't see words at the right margin.

  1. theyellowchink
    Dec 31, 2010, 5:29 AM

    I'm on the iPad with Wordpress for iOS installed. Everytime I type a blog post, I end up getting a hard time seeing what I'm writing since the words kind of "go through" the right margin. It "overflows" to the right, making words not visible to me.

    Here's an example.

  2. Did this happen after you pasted text into the post?

  3. No. I was typing normally when it happened. Even viewing old posts leads to the same thing.

  4. I have the same problem.

    When adding a new post, on the ipad, the big keyboard appears but the screen stays the same, a new window doesnt appear like I have seen on videos about the app
    this is what it looks like<

  5. Right, we've got it sorted now and will have it fixed in the next release.

  6. Has this been sorted. Just updated the app and still having the problem

    Any ideas ?

  7. Uh, thought it was fixed. If it's still happening we can re-open the ticket.

  8. Yes please still having the problem.

  9. sad to say that this still isnt fixed on my ipad.

    I have updated both the app and the OS for the ipad,
    Deleted the old version and reinstalled the new version of the app
    removed and re added my blog

    but sad to say it still doesnt work on landscape mode

    If it cant be fixed then I understand, no worries

  10. That's really strange, what iOS version are you running? What happens if you rotate to portrait then back again?

  11. Nothing happens when I turn to portrait mode and back, it stays the same

    iOS version, if I look in about on my iPad it says version 4.2.1. Does that sound right

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