Can't reply to comments.

  1. AuthorChrisAlex
    Mar 4, 2015, 5:45 AM

    I haven't been able to reply to comments in the iOS app for the past two weeks. Each time I do, I get an error message. It reads "There has been an unexpected error while sending your reply." And I have the option to Try Again or Give Up. No matter how many times I hit Try Again, I get the same message. I am able to log into the site on my phone and computer, but not through the app. Is there a way to fix this?

  2. Hi AuthorChrisAlex

    You might first try temporarily disabling any plugins that are installed and switching to one of the default themes, then check to see if you can reply to comments. This will help determine something in a plugin or the theme is causing a conflict.

    If you still can't reply to comments, it might be helpful to check the app's activity log for any clues as to the cause. If you would, please follow these steps:

    - Go to Me > Help & Support
    - Enable Extra Debug
    - Try to reply to a comment to reproduce the error message.
    - Go to Me > Help & Support > Activity Logs and find the log that captures the error. (Probably the current log or the one before it.)

    You can paste the log here or you can email it to "mobile at automattic dot com" to my attention and referencing this thread.


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