Can't login to self hosted site

  1. I've spent many hours and hours trying to get my iPad WordPress app to connect to

    I tried the validator Rachel listed elsewhere and I received a 403 error.
    I've disabled all plugins and the X Theme builder, tried the plugin to change the xml-rpc file name, made sure the information is entered correctly.
    I contacted my hosting provider, MacHighway, and they just replied "not our problem, you'll have to contact WordPress."

    How do I get this working? Thank you!

  2. Hi @rpphoto555,

    I took a quick look at your site and noticed that the blog's XML-RPC service is disabled. When I look at in a browser it shows the following message:

    xmlrpc.php is prohibited for security, please contact support

    WordPress for iOS relies on the XML-RPC API to communicate with your blog.

    Some web hosts disable (or throttle) XML-RPC services as part of their security policy, as do some third-party WordPress plugins. To get things working again, you might temporarily disable all plugins on your blog to see if one is blocking XML-RPC. You might also try contacting your web host again. Its possible they might not have understood the problem, and if they are blocking XML-RPC as part of their security policy, then they will be the ones who have to unblock it.

    Hope this helps!

  3. I can’t login as well. I used the same User/PW for the online and it asks me for the Verification Code (that texts to me)… I enter it, then it just goes back to the login page repeatedly?

    It works online fine, I get all my Stats in Safari on my mac, just the ISO app doesn't work anymore - used too within a few months ago fine.

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