Can't Log in / WP App Crashes

  1. Hey guys would really appreciate some help...

    Can't log in to wordpress blog using the app... both wordpress and wordpress app are fully updated and latest versions.

    Have tried logging in on a iphone 4, iphone 4s and ipod touch and all exact same problem.

    I enter my details, then icon spins (loads) as if it's going to log in, and then after 3-4 secs the app crashes and goes back to the home screen.

    It is a self hosted blog. Both options under remote publishing are ticked in the writing option.

    This is a serious problem for a few weeks now. Any help anyone could provide would be really really appreciated.

    Thank you.

  2. Can you share the URL for your blog? You can also try the tool at to see if it gives you any helpful error messages.

  3. Thanks for the reply Dan. Would it be ok to email you the URL details?

    the error I am getting from is:

    'Sorry, we cannot find your RSD Endpoint'

    Hope that helps a bit, thanks

  4. I think that is something wrong in the configuration of your blog, since can't find the XML-RPC endpoint of the site. Do you have any plugins running on the specific site? The most common problem we come across is that plugins sometime inject invalid content.

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