Can't log in the app!! Help me please!!

  1. Hi,
    I have a web site but I can't login from the app for iPhone, I d try all the password..

    Another problem is that I can t install jetpack, I have the error "invalid site".

    Excuse me for my bad English but I don't know how to fix all this problems!


  2. Hi rbnz

    What happens when you try to sign in? Do you see a particular error message? Make sure you are using the sign in form for a self-hosted WordPress site. Look for the option that says "Add Self-Hosted Site" at the bottom of the sign in screen that appears when you launch the app.

    Regarding Jetpack, can you describe the steps you are taking to install it? Are you doing this from your wp-admin in a browser or by some other method?

  3. Ruggero Carrara
    Dec 3, 2014, 8:43 AM

    Now it's ok! I don't know why but now is solved!
    Thank you very much for the interesting ;)

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