Can't load posts into Wordpress iOS App

  1. Hello everybody

    I have a problem with the wordpress iOS app since a while already.

    I have a selfhosted wordpress blog and connected the wordpress iOS app to it. I can see my pages, drafts etc. but when I want to load my posts into the app i get an error: transport error- http status code was not 200 (500) [-32300].
    I checked the server log and see an error when the app tries to load the posts:

    Output filter: Response body too large (over limit of 1048576, total not specified).

    It looks, like the app tries to synchronize all my posts on one step. As I have plenty of posts it seems to give this error. This would also be a reason why the app can load the pages and drafts which are only a few documents.

    Is there any way to load the posts in several steps into the iOS app? Or anything else I could do to get the posts in it?

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