Cant get reading view for my blogs

  1. Hi I have a self-hosted private (access controlled using Member Access) wordpress blog. I can see the editing view of my blogs on the iphone/ipad when logged in as editor but not the reading view. When logged in as subscriber cannot see anything at all. (I want subscribers to be able to read the blogs from iphone ). Only the ones seem to come up with a reading button. I've tried everything to make it work.

  2. WordPress for iOS uses a different method of authenticating your account (using the XML-RPC API) so when you visit your site in the built in browser your not considered "logged in".

    When you try to read a post do you get redirected to your sites's login screen? In order to read your posts it looks like you will need to find a way from within the iOS app to get to your sites /wp-login.php page and sign in there as the Member Access plugins prevents non logged in users from seeing your blog's posts.

  3. Thanks, I tried putting wp-login.php as the main url in Wordpress IOS but did not get a login page. However, if I go to the dashboard I can see the blogs.

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