Can't connect to self-installed blog

  1. Hi,
    I'd be happy if someone could help me and tell me if the following is possible with the iphone app:

    I have an existing wordpress-blog, that is self-installed on a domain (
    I also secured the blog with the .htaccess, since I show pictures of my kids there.

    As it could be soooo easy to quickly upload pictures and write posts from the iphone I was happy to see the iphone app. But unfortunately I cannot connect to my blog.
    I hope it's not because of the .htacces ...

    I'd be gratefull if someone could give me a hint, what I should do to connect my iphone successfully to my self-installed blog. is there a way to secure the pictures, in case i have to remove the .htaccess?

    thanks a lot!

  2. It looks like it is because of your .htaccess. In order to get to your site a username/password is required, which means the WP iPhone app has no way to talking with your site first in order to get the information that it needs to set itself up.

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