Can't Connect to myself hosted website with the app

  1. I'm trying to connect the Wordpress app with my self hosted website

    I try to use the - Log in by entering your site address - option but when I enter it, the app returns me an error message saying it' not a valid Wordpress website, so I'm stuck logged out of the app.

    I've tried to follow number 12 instructions from this link:

    But, really, I'm no pro and I'm stuck at - Verify that xmlrpc.php is functioning properly:

    Locate your RSD meta tag by viewing-source on your site. It will look similar to this:

    Where it says it will look similar to this there's only a blank space. And, even if there was something, isn't there a easier way for an amateur to connect to its own blog with the app? I just want to be able to see some stats, that's all. Is there another app easier to connect to the blog than the official Wordpress one?

    I'd be very grateful if someone could help me over here,



  2. Hi Marlos,

    It looks like your site is connected to Jetpack. In this case, please tap on the "Continue with" and sign in with the account that you used to connect with Jetpack.

    If you're still unable to sign in, please reach out to us by tapping on Help on the top right corner of the login screen and tap on Contact Support.

    Thank you!

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