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  1. prayersnapples
    Nov 1, 2013, 7:20 PM

    My Wordpress app will let me approve/delete comments on my iPhone 5S and other blog functions, but when I select "Stats" i get an error message that reads, "This blog is not connected to that username." I have a self-hosted site ( and I'm very confused because I used the Wordpress app before the iOS7 update with no problem - and I haven't changed a thing. All I did was update the app after upgrading to iOS7 when I purchased my new phone (I had the 4S before) and now the Jetpack stats feature won't work? Any suggestions?

  2. In the app, try this:

    - Open the menu and tap Settings.
    - In the Sites list, tap on your blog.
    - On the Edit Blog screen tap on Configure under the Jetpack Stats section.

    Here you can double check that the app is using the same account credentials as the Jetpack plugin on your blog.

  3. prayersnapples
    Nov 9, 2013, 1:32 PM

    I'm using the same Jetpack credentials as my Wordpress login credentials - I didn't realize they could be different from one another? I don't recall ever setting up a separate set of login info for Jetpack (is there somewhere I could check that?). I have full access to every other part of the mobile app, which is what's really confusing me - and I could access all of the Jetpack stats before.

  4. Heya. Sorry for the silence. We just released an update to the iOS app that fixes a bunch of issues with credentials. You might try updating to the latest version and see if it fixes the problem.

    I noticed you have two domains:

    You're Jetpack credentials will be the same credentials used for If after the upgrade you still have issues connecting double check and make sure you've got the right ones entered into the app.

  5. I'm having the same problem, only mine just goes blank.

  6. Just seen this and yes same here,
    I'm on so can't check jetpack

  7. I can't asses my stats. All I see is a blank space each time I refresh. What do I do

  8. Stats should be back to normal.

    The stats feature in the app loads content from a web page. There was a temporary server-side issue that was causing the blank screens.

    Sorry about the fuss. If anyone is still seeing a blank stats page let us know.

  9. Yep I'm having this problem trying to check stats from Wordpress app on my iPad

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