can't add site with obfuscated log in

  1. Hi,
    I can't add any sites that use an obfuscated admin log in url (i.e. /entry instead of /wp-admin)
    I tried adding the full url to the log in area but it still didn't work.
    Is there a fix in planning for this?

  2. Hi Geoff,

    Is the site

    WordPress for iOS relies on XML-PRC services to communicate with your blog. If there are errors, or the service is unavailable the app probably will not be able to interact with your blog.

    I took a quick look at photographica with our XML-RPC validation tool at to test your site's XML-RPC services. The validator detected a problem, and the log shows a server-side error when requesting information about your blog.

    Its possible that the way the admin log in URL was obfuscated is causing a conflict. Its also possible for third-party plugins, and even certain themes, to cause conflicts. In these situations we recommend temporarily disabling plugins and switching to a default theme to try to identify the source of a conflict. You should also try rolling back any custom modifications made to the WordPress source that could be interfering.


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