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  1. So I have two sites that I am trying to work with using the IOS app.

    One works fine, but the other will not allow me to see Pages.

    I have seen some similar postings, but none that addresses one site that works and one that doesn't.

    The working site is a GoDaddy managed site. The other is a GoDaddy standard installation.

  2. Can you double check your user role on the site that does not allow you to view pages in the app?

    We recommend at least an Editor role for use with the mobile apps. In this case, make sure that your user role has the capability to edit pages.

  3. I am the administrator. I don't see any settings for editing pages. ?

  4. What do you see when you try to view pages in the app? Is there an error message of any kind? What happens if you try to create a new page?

  5. On the site in question, it says "You haven't created any pages yet." I can view pages from the browser wp-admin, but not from the app. I have also verified that I can create pages in the app and they will show up in wp-admin. Why can't I view already created pages?

    The other site works just fine.

  6. Just to be doubly sure, on the site in question, if you go to the admin, tap on the Users menu in the side bar, view All users, you can see your user name there and it has the role of Administrator? If this is the case, double check that you are logged in with that same account in the app.

    If you're using the same account in both places and it has and administrator role, the next step is to temporarily disable plugins to see if perhaps one is causing a conflict. If the app let's you user the Pages feature correctly when plugins are disabled you can turn them back on one at a time until you find the one causing the problem.

    If it turns out that none of the above helps, let me know.

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