Cannot login with iPad app self-hosted 2FA

  1. I have a self-hosted site running Wordpress 3.8.1. I use Google two-factor authentication (2FA). I cannot login to my WP site with the WP iPad app. I have tried with my password and with a Google application-specific password. Neither one works. No problems logging into the site with Mac or PC, but cannot with the iPad app. I see many somewhat related posts but none quite the same as my situation. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

  2. Just to be sure I understand, are you using the Google Authenticator plugin for 2FA?

    I'm not sure how the plugin might affect how the app would need to connect. Let me do some research on a test blog and I'll let you know what I find.

  3. Hello Eric. Thank you for responding. Yes, I am using the WordPress Google Authenticator plugin for 2FA. It works perfectly on the web and I feel it adds a level (although not perfect) security enhancement. I would like to be able to use the WordPress iPad app, but am unable to log in to my site ( I have tried to do so using the Google application-specific password. It seems the problem may be that the iPad app does not support the use of 2FA. I hope I am wrong.

  4. I set up a test blog running WordPress 3.8.1 and the current version of the Google Authenticator plugin, followed the instructions on the plugin's website to enable 2FA, and an application password, and I was able to login to my blog via the iOS app using app password.

    That said, I was not able to successfully sign in to the app using the original app password, only after I generated a second one. I'm not sure if I was miss typing the first one (pretty sure I wasn't) or if it was a glitch in the plugin.

    Bottom line, you can still sign into the iOS app but you may need to fuss with the plugin a bit to get it working right. For what its worth, the plugin's support page has several posts with users having trouble getting the plugin's app password to work in the iOS or Android app, only to get it sorted out a little later.

  5. Thank you very much for the research. I have tried three times with app-specoific passwords. Does not work. I then logged in to my site via the iPad using the app-specific password and the 2FA code. That tells me the app-pa was ok and the 2FA plugin is working. The plugin has no settings. This leads me to conclude that there is something wrong with the iPad app. I believe others are having the same problem.

  6. Sorry your still having trouble.

    Based on your experience (and my own) I'd agree that the plugin is working correctly when you login via the form on a website. However, the mobile apps use a different mechanism to authenticate to your blog and this isn't really a good test for that.

    A better test would be to use a tool like XML-RPC Client and try to successfully make an XML-RPC call to your blog's xmlrpc.php page at

    For the method you could use "metaWeblog.getUsersBlogs"

    And for the parameters you'd pass: 1,"your-username","your-app-specific-password"

    This would be a much better test to see if the plugin's app-specific password was working correctly.

    Have you tried contacting the plugin author for assistance? If the plugin isn't accepting the app-specific password and you're 100% sure its typed correctly in the app, then this is really something the plugin author would need to address.

  7. I appreciate the suggestions, but this is much too complicated and time consuming. I will have to forego using the iPad app, unfortunately.

  8. I understand.

    I hope I didn't over load you with too much info, I only wanted to share the reasons why we feel this is an issue with the plugin as opposed to an issue with the app.

    Maybe give the app specific password another try the next time the plugin gets an update?

  9. I appreciate your thoughts. There are a lot of apps and plugins that do not quite work the way they are intended. I am somewhat technical compared to average but I don't have time to spend the hours needed to fix things. Apple's mail app doesn't sync properly with gmail is an example of another frustrating situation. Large numbers of posts about it but no fix. Finger pointing is typical in many of these situations. I am not implying that is the case with WP issue I am having, but it does require far too much understanding to figure out what the problem is. Thanks again. I will try again in the future as you suggest. I did post something at the plugin author site. The comment form is in German and that doesn't help either.

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