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  1. I have downloaded wordpress for ios..
    But i cannot login..

    It always reject me from login..
    It said that i have to step authentication and please configure application specific password..
    Please help me because i need to do many things with wordpress and cannot login is very stresful..

  2. Take a look at this page:

    When you sign into the app, use the application specific password in lieu of your normal password.

  3. I am having a problem logging in also - anytime I try to access on my ipad it says ' safari cannot open this page because it could not connect to the server'.

    I have iOS 7.0.4 and the wordpress app but it does the same thing and says it cannot connect to the server when I try and login. It also says my 'request has timed out'

    I am at a bit of a loss- can you help?

  4. @corriesissions Can you make sure your iPad is not in Airplane mode, and has a good wifi or cellular network connection?

  5. It is not in airplane mode and I am connected to the internet.

    I get the same thing on a different internet connection on my laptop as well - so its not just an apple problem....

    It says ' Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to' everytime.

  6. @corriesissons It sounds like you're having internet connection troubles that are not specific to the WordPress mobile apps. We're really not able to help troubleshoot general connectivity issues. You might contact your service provider to see if their support staff can help.

  7. Marcio Paysano
    Feb 11, 2014, 1:52 AM

    I'm having trouble to login with the Wordpress app for iOS.. It says that "There was a server error communicating with your site: Expected status code in (200-299), got 403"
    What can I do to fix that?
    Thank you for your attention!

  8. Thanks Eric- the thing is that is the ONLY site and the only app on my ipad which I cannot connect to! I do live overseas but I have always been able to access my site before and suddenly this has stopped working.

  9. @corriesissons, Where overseas are you? Some nations block traffic to regularly and a few others seem to only block occasionally. Its possible you might be in a region that's being blocked.

  10. When I open the WordPress app and click admin it wants me to login.
    I tried. Invalid info.
    I went to my site on my PC and changed my pass. Tried again Invalid.

    I went to and tried to login. Invalid info.
    I tried the pass reset it sends me an email, I click the link and change my pass.
    I click Login, enter my username and the new password. INVALID.
    I do the pass reset AGAIN. INVALID info.. I tried so many times I am now locked out.

    I am done with the app. I am uninstalling and reporting it on the Apple App Store as broken.

  11. I am in Africa - I managed to get onto my blog dashboard today though using the /wp-admin add on.

    My app is still coming up with the same problem that @zurax2014 has as well though - no joy there!

  12. I have the same problem.

    I can connect to Wordpress fine via my iPhone app and my PC. The iPad app will not accept my normal password, nor will it let me set a new password.

    When I go to the Security tab I get some blurb about 'system status' and no options as described above.

    Every other app on my iPad works.

  13. No answer?

  14. @garetheapps
    If you would, please enable the extra debug option in the WordPress app and send us an activity log that captures the error.

    The screen shots in that article need to be updated, so don't let them confuse you. You can get to the support screen by tapping on the icon at the top of the sign in screen.

  15. How do you think I can do that when I can't log in?

  16. @garethepps

    You can get to the support screen by tapping on the icon at the top of the sign in screen. You do not need to be logged in.

    Edit: You might need to dismiss the keyboard to see it. If the keyboard is visible some parts of that screen are not displayed.

  17. So what do I do then? I'm not stupid enough to post computer code on a public website.

  18. If you'd rather not post to the forum you can copy and paste the log into an email and send it to mobile at automattic dot com and we'll take a look at it.

    Please be sure to reference this forum thread in the email so other team members know what its about.

  19. I have done but no response.

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