Cannot copy url of media files in iOS

  1. Using my iPad Pro I cannot select, copy paste media file url. No select, select all menu shows, only the copy share menu. If I drag the handles to copy it will only select the visible part of the url in the box. Portrait or landscape it is the same.

  2. Hi there! Can you describe what screen you are trying to copy that media file from? Are you using the WordPress iOS app or the Safari browser? Thanks!

  3. Hi,

    I'm having the same problem - but, hopefully, with some clarification of the previous poster's question. I use the current Wordpress apps on my iPad Pro 9.7" and iPhone 6S

    I 'm using Wordpress v6.7 on our web site to upload Adobe Acrobat documents to our church website but have enccountered a couple UI issues in iOS. The problem for me is this:

    Our parish is currently using WordPress 4.7.1 running the Twenty Fourteen theme. As a site administrator, I upload/add/edit pdf files using the Wordpress dashboard on my iPad Pro (or iPhone 6S), typically in landscape mode since I use a Zagg or ClamCase keyboard. (I do not have this problem when using Safari on my 13" MacBook Pro)

    When I click on the "Choose File" button in the Dashboard and select a file source (in my case, typically from PDF Expert iCloud folder) from the dropdown menu, that menu displays one line from the locations list. Other sources (iCloud, Box, OneDrive, etc) display differing lines of files, but typically not more than 5 or 6.

    If I switch my iOS device to portrait mode, Wordpress behaves differently. At this point I can get a list of appx. 9 files. If I switch back to landscape mode, the list displayed remains at 9 lines of files. The file name width is approximately 21 characters but does display file creation dates.

    The other issue I have is when I've uploaded a file. At this point I need to copy the file name then copy and paste it into the Caption and Description fields. I can accomplish this without problem in landscape mode.

    However, in landscape mode I am unable to select the File URL to copy it (for use when I subsequently add and edit a new link to the uploaded file). If I switch the iOS device to portrait mode I can select and copy the File URL by dragging across the text.

    After clicking on Update to complete the uploaded file I then switch to the Links menu in the Dashboard. At this point I can paste the URL in the appropriate Web Address field. Then I can go to the Name and Description fields and and paste the file name (in my case I use the Copied [clipboard] app to re-copy the file name) . I can finish editing the link information and click on Update. After this, the pdf is available on the web site and displays properly.

    Thanks for any assistance or information you can provide

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