Cannot Add Multiple Users From Same Blog

  1. I am using the WordPress iOS app for self-hosted blogs where I have multiple accounts (Administrator and Author). I can enter the credentials for either of the accounts without trouble, but when I try to add a second account from the same blog the app chokes and refuses to add the second account. This is highly frustrating, as the older version of the app handled multiple accounts from the same blog without issue (they were just labeled the same so it was hard to tell which account was which).

    To replicate:

    - Have a self-hosted WordPress blog at a domain (eg.,

    - Create an Administrator account (eg., Username: Administrator, Password: 1234)

    - Create an Author account (eg., Username: Author, Password: 12345)

    - In the iOS app, choose "Add self-hosted WordPress blog" and the Administrator account.

    - Now try and add the Author account to the iOS app. The app will choke and nothing will happen. You can only add one account from a self-hosted blog.

  2. Why do you want to add multiple users for the same blog? Seems like you could just use the admin account.

  3. I can but that's not the point. This is a bug in the software that has disabled past functionality. I think its reasonable to expect the ability to add multiple accounts to the same blog. In my case I use an administrator account for maintenance and an author account for posts in case I ever need to hand off administrative duties to someone else. With this method I can create posts from me (author) and posts from the entire organization (administrator).

  4. To be a little more clear, I am the administrator and a content provider. It is useful to keep those roles separated with multiple accounts.

  5. Gotcha, I just tried this myself and confirmed the behavior. I created a ticket to get this sorted out:

  6. Thanks!

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