Can only use apps as default admin user

  1. stephentshores
    Mar 13, 2016, 4:00 PM

    I've been trying to log in to my self-hosted installation at using the WordPress iOS app and another similar app.

    I have two users. One is the administrator account I created during installation. The other is under my name (stephentshores). The account under my name is set to administrator under Users.

    When I try to log in using my user name and password in the iOS app, it says the user name and password are wrong. I am able to log in just fine and add posts/change settings using Safari and Chrome.

    If I try to log into the iOS app using the initial administrator account, I'm able to get in just fine, but I don't want to do that for consistency reasons.

    How can I fix it so I can log in to the iOS app using my user account and not the default administrator account?

  2. Hey @stephentshores! That's odd—I just gave this a try on the iOS app with a self-hosted site setup as you described, and I was able to login via the app. Could you let us know a few things?

    1. Do you have any security plugins installed or any plugins that would modify how users are added/managed?

    2. What version of the iOS app are you using? You can find this under Me > About.

  3. stephentshores
    Mar 13, 2016, 7:52 PM

    *facepalm* I was 100% sure I had the right credentials. Guess what? I was using cached credentials and wasn't putting in the right password. Ugh. I'm in now. Thanks Jeremey.

  4. No worries at all! Glad you were able to get this sorted out. :)

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