Can log in - but not view or post anything

  1. I can successfully log in to my self hosted WP site using the app but under posts or pages or media it doesnt show any content and when I try to create content and publish it or upload media it just says "page could not be uploaded" or "media could not be uploaded".

    I checked the advanced log and see lots of different "failed" like "failed updating plans" (?) and "failed checking domain credit" (??) and stuff like that but it doesnt make any sense to me.

    Any help would be highly eppreciated. Thanks!!

    The debug log section of the last failed attempt can be downloaded here:

    View log:
    Download log:

  2. Hi there!

    Do you have any security plugins installed on your site? These can sometimes interfere with how the site is able to communicate with the app and you could try disabling these to run a test and see which one is causing the issue.

    If not, it would be good to confirm the site address this is happening from. I found the one in the logs, but it would be good to make sure this is the same address you're hoping to manage.

    Can you reach out to us from the app? You'll find us under My Site > Click the icon of the profile of a person in the top right and then go to Help & Support > Contact Us.

    We'll be better able to look into this with you there.

    Thank you!

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