Can I create a Gallery/Slideshow ?

  1. iwouldwalk500mls
    Sep 3, 2012, 7:31 PM

    Hi Folks , new to all this and not very techie . Will be blogging using iphone whilst travelling soon. Can I create a Gallery/Slideshow in my blog using iphone app ? ( using for my blog )

  2. You can but it's a bit tricky:

    • Create a new post and add all the photos you want in the gallery or slideshow to it
    • Tap settings and change the post status to 'Draft' and then tap 'Save'
    • Edit the post, and remove all of the <img> tags from the content area, and replace it with '[gallery]' or '[slideshow]'
    • Then you can publish the post and it will have the gallery in it
  3. @nathalieuribe If you follow the steps @dan mentioned you would just type '[gallery]'.

  4. hi,

    I think you can create a slideshow on iPhone with a slideshow app, such Photo Slideshow Director(I am using it), upload it to YouTube, then embed the code to your wordpress blog.

    Hope it can help

  5. Beyond the steps Dan outlined above Gallery support is coming to the WordPress for iOS app in the future.

    Marking as resolved.

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