Can’t Enable Block Editor in iOS App

  1. On v13.0 of the Wordpress for iOS app and never got around to enabling the Block Editor prior to upgrading. Now the option isn’t there in App Settings under my profile as directed in

    Help a guy out?

  2. Never Mind. Found it.

    I manage multiple sites using the app, and Use Block Editor is under the “Settings“ of each particular site.

  3. Would you be able to share a screenshot?

    The block editor toggle should be in Me > App Settings > Editor

    I'm wondering where you're seeing this in Settings, I have a large mix of, Jetpack, and self-hosted sites in my "My Sites" tab.

  4. Can’t seem to attach a screen shot. You toggle the Block Editor individually under each site, apparently.

    I found the block editor toggle at My Sites > (pick one of your sites) > Settings > Use Block Editor

    It’s just under the General section of the Settings page

  5. While it isn't possible to upload media to the forums, you can upload media to Google Drive, Dropbox, or any media sharing service from your phone and share the link here. I'd just like to see where you're seeing this :-)

  6. In version 13.0, the editor preference moved from an app-wide setting in Profile > App Settings to a per-site per platform setting in My Site > Settings. This is the expected place to see it now!

  7. Ah, thanks so much designsimply! 😄

  8. Any time! ✨

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