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  1. I got disconnected from one of my wordpress sites and when I try and add it back, it doesn’t like the credentials. But I can use the same credentials to login on the site directly. I do have 2FA turned on and I need to enter digits from Authy when I log in directly. The iOS app was able to access the site a few days ago and I made a new blog post. I started looking under the hood when that blog post didn’t show up on my facebook page. Maybe I broke something. I could use some help on where to start to track down the issue.

  2. To add a new self-hosted site using to the app, you have two options for this:

    1. You can add the site as a self-hosted site (.org) by tapping on "Enter your existing site address" if you are not logged in or if you are and want to add another site by going to My Sites and clicking on the + sign to add a self-hosted site. For this, you'll use the credentials you use to log into your sites' wp-admin area. 

    2. You can connect your new site to your account by using the Jetpack plugin. If you haven't yet connected the Jetpack plugin, you'll need to do so from a browser and follow the prompts to connect to Then use this account to log in to the app.

    If you use the credentials for your account to log in to option #1, this will not work. 

    If you are trying to log in to access your site from the Mobile App all you need to do is to use your username (or email address) and password used to create your account. The same information you use to log in from a browser.

    Using the site address won't work in this case. The option to log in using the site address is for Self-hosted sites only.

    If you still have problems logging in after trying the options above please provide your site address so we can take a look.

  3. Nazif Bin Nani
    Nov 1, 2021, 12:52 AM

    do simple connect

    -connect your new site to your account by using the Jetpack plugin.


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