Bugs with New Ipad Wordpress App

  1. I was so excited to find the new Wordpress app had the visual capabilities that the last one did not since I'm sure you know working with Wordpress online on the ipad is glitchy. I had hoped the app would be better but it does still have plenty of bugs to deter use. I am still hoping that this will be perfected so I don't have to travel with my laptop. So, I am writing to report a few bugs and hoping that they will be fixed soon!

    1) Import of photos: Photos do not hold title and alt text once back in Wordpress online dashboard - Media Library. It appears as if most often they SO hold in the app but when you go back to dashboard, none of the info is there.
    2) Centering of photos does not stick. You can choose Center alignment but it doesn't work - or works for some photos and not others. If it does work, it never shows up on preview. Only in the online version. Maybe add a SAVE button into the "editing" pop up for pics to make sure this works.
    3) SEO: The app allows for tags but no SEO (like with Yoast plugin); focus keyword and meta description. That would be a nice to have since it would require you to go back into the web/online interface to complete later. I know it's not data "native" to WP, but would be nice to have the app work with the plugins for SEO.

  2. Hi there!

    Are those issues happening with the WordPress app itself, or when you access your Dashboard through the web using Safari? If it's via the web, you'll want to post over on the main support forums, since this forum is just for the app itself.

    Regarding SEO, since there is no standard way that plugins do SEO, there isn't really a way we can integrate it into the WordPress app itself. Anything that requires a plugin is pretty much always going to require accessing your site via the Dashboard.

  3. Hi Andy. It's with the app. The web interface has a different set of issues.

  4. Gotcha. v5.6 of the app was just release, which fixed a lot of bugs related to images. Can you try following these steps (in order) to see if the problem is fixed for you?

    1. Log out of the app by tapping on Disconnect from on the Me tab.
    2. Delete the app from your device.
    3. Re-download the app from the App Store.
    4. Log back into your account.

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