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  1. Hello guys,

    Up to now, never had any problem with your app (congrats!) but one of the latest release in December added a bug that was hard to understand or identify.

    Basically, I run WP on a server and it has all the latest version including a plugin called "Easy Add Thumbnail" that did/do 2 things:

    - Updated all my previous entries (more than 3K) and set the only image inserted in every entry as a Featured Image (saved me days as you can imagine)
    - Set automatically all the new entries with a pic to Featured Image, this (used) to save me time every time I added an entry from my iPhone

    However, this second feature since last update of the app stopped working. Before trying to instal xx plugins in order to replace "Easy Add Thumbnail" and see if that works, can you say if this is a bug introduced by a new version or if it is a feature?

    By the way, on my website, when I create a post, write a title, add a picture and post it, it does display the Featured Image automatically (and I didn't inserted a Featured Image). So the plugin is still working on the site but not when I post from the App on iOS (last version).

    Thanks for any input... and keep up the good work!


  2. Hi @snoop_adv

    Sorry to hear that posts from the app are suddenly not getting a featured image set automatically.

    I'd be curious to see an example post where a featured image wasn't assigned. Its possible there is something in the post content that's not quite right, preventing an image from being recognized by the plugin. This is just a guess. We can't really troubleshoot the plugin but if the app is doing something wrong in the post content we'd want to fix it.

    Would it be alright to create a sample post for us, and maybe back date it so it isn't readily visible on your site? The HTML is what we're really interested in, so just sharing that as a text file would be enough.


  3. Thanks for getting back to me.

    Following the last 6.8 release of WP app, this problem has disappeared... now all posts I do from the app, when I simply insert a pic into the content, it automatically gets "featured".

    Let's hope it stays like that:-)


  4. Good to hear! Thanks for letting us know. :)

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