Bug: No sites in Site Picker when sharing from Feedly

  1. Using latest versions of Feedly, iOS (on iPhone 6s+) en the Wordpress App, there is nog way to use the sharing function to post to one of my sites.

    When the pop-up comes after using "iOS Share" from Feedly, you choose "Post to: Select Site". After this you end up in an empty Site Picker. Only the text "No sites" is displayed.

    Hope you can fix it. This would eliminate the use of Buffer for me.

  2. Hi there! Are you using the app with or a Jetpack site?

  3. Hi Aaron,

    Alle sites are self installed and hosted on SiteGround servers. All sites have Jetpack installed, we are using as a dashboard/overview of all sites.

    Does that help?



  4. Hi Verdi! That does help. I'd like to continue this conversation via a private channel so I can get some more details about your sites and setup. Are you in the Slack chat ( If so, can you ping me there? My username is astralbodies. If you're not could you send me an e-mail to aaron at with your .com username and a couple of the sites you are expecting to see in that dropdown?

    Thanks so much for helping debug this!

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