Bug in Category selection view

  1. Hi,

    I'm on the iPhone 4S iOS 6.1.1 and I updated to the iOS 7 version of the WP app because it was allowing me to.

    The Category selection view for self-hosted blogs -> New Post doesn't have a back button, so after I select a category, I cannot return to the editing view.

    Workaround - If I kill the app and start it again, the correct categories have been selected.

  2. erm, I probably should not be filing bug reports in the forum, so I've filed it on the GitHub page... Is there a preferred place for the reports?

  3. GitHub is perfect thanks. We already have a fix for it and will probably submit a bugfix to the app store later today.

  4. @Jorge, Thank you for the reply. I installed WP on my iPad Mini iOS 7 and realized the issue - the category view has been replaced by what looks like a dropdown, so obviously it doesn't need a back button.

    Thanks for the fix!

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